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In 2024 we want to keep crafting our training opportunities. 

About our Program

At Subvisual, we never assume we know everything. We know there's something new to learn every day. We also know that one of the best ways to learn is to put hands on and share. That's why we focus on training and continuous learning opportunities.

As an apprentice, you'll work on real projects with real impact, access online courses, and create challenges according to your goals. You'll have a dedicated mentor and together you'll define your learning path.

Openings in:

  • Software development

  • Product design

  • Product management

Duration & Location: 10 weeks - Full-time - Remote

About you

Students, recent graduates, and experienced professionals are welcome to apply to our programs. Regardless of your field of interest, or professional experience, you're independent, curious and self-driven.

About us

The Subvisual group is a collective of Web3 specialist companies that together comprise a one-stop shop to help companies build products with the premiere quality of a high-end studio.

Backed by +10 years of experience helping startups transform their dreams into products, brands, and VC-backed companies, the group includes:


What will I be doing? You will primarily work on your predefined project that you choose with us. This will involve solving technical problems (e.g., a programming challenge or small project), iterating, ironing out bugs, implementing or designing specific features, etc. We will guide you through the general approach, but we expect you to take ownership of your experience.

What will my week be like? While each week will differ from the last, here's a rough sketch of what we're aiming for:

  • Mentor & Mentee Sessions
    You will have a mentor assigned to you. This mentor will facilitate your learning and guide you through the decisions you'll need to make.

    They will help you define weekly goals based on your focus, availability, feedback, and overall performance. They will assist you in determining the types of sessions you'll have during the week and the specific tasks you'll be working on. You will also review how the week went, the positives and negatives, how we can improve, and how you can improve.

  • Project Meetings and Learning Sessions

    In addition to meeting sessions with your mentor, you'll also have meetings related to the project you'll be working on. Additionally, there will be mini workshops to learn more about a specific goal.

Who will be my mentors? Great question! We have a set of volunteers from your area of expertise who work at Subvisual Group companies (specifically from Subvisual, Invisible Labs, Onda Studio, and PinkRoom).

How many hours am I expected to work? 4? 8? 15? 16? 23? 40? Who knows? We don’t have a fixed schedule. The experience is aimed at roughly 8 hours/day. If you manage to complete everything in less time, great! Of course, this is not about the hours, but about growth. The deciding factor will never be the number of hours spent in front of the computer, but the progress you make, the interest, and ownership you show, and how capable you are by the end of your experience. You are not expected, and quite frankly prohibited from, putting too much strain on yourself by working extra hours and weekends. How well you manage yourself and your energy levels is more important to us than delivering things ahead of schedule. That’s because we know that relaxing and releasing tension is a significant part of the learning process. That being true and in theory easy, a valuable element of working in a team is meetings, for convenience and as a baseline, we typically schedule meetings between 10:00 and 18:00 (GMT), and you can decide whether to join remotely or in person. Have these in mind when planning your week.

Can I work from home? Absolutely, yes! We are remote-first and have structures and tools to allow for a smooth remote work experience. Our companies are people-oriented, and we trust that people know better what they need each day. That’s our main principle when we seek to provide the best possible experiences for everyone on the team. We trust you to take the opportunity to understand how you like to work, define your routines, creative tasks, and health rituals.

Where will we communicate? We are remote-first, which means our communication is async first. This ensures everything is documented, people are free to respond when it is most convenient, and anyone can pitch in to help you. To do that, we have a list of tools we use to help us communicate:

  • Discord - We use Discord for chat. If you need quick help, if it’s a temporary topic, or something that we are ok with being lost in time, use Discord.

  • Basecamp - Where we have discussions, share information that we want to be seen and saved for later, document processes, assign tasks, etc. This is where you should ensure that important information is shared and updated. All communication should be written in English.

  • Google Calendar - Scheduling internal and external meetings.

  • Email - You’ll be given access to an email to use in your accounts during the apprenticeship.

Regarding language of communication, when speaking directly with someone, if it’s a Portuguese speaker, you can, of course, use Portuguese. But general communication and in meetings that are being recorded or there is a non-Portuguese speaker, they will be held in English.

What do you expect me to learn? The experience is to be tailored to your wants and needs. We can't give you a simplified answer because there isn’t one. We are here to assist you in finding where you want to improve, what you want to explore, and how far you can go in the limited time available. We are here to provide opportunities to work on interesting and challenging problems beside professionals with similar interests and valuable experience.

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