Always looking for talented people.

Our universe is always growing and looking for people to grow with. Whether in Subvisual or in one of our ventures, we are sure that you will find the right space for you.

Let's explore. Together.

About us...

We are Subvisual a consulting team and a venture studio based in Braga (Portugal) and in Boston (USA) but, actually, working from anywhere to customers across the globe.

We started from a friendship. We had a vision of building a company that could aim for being consistently fulfilling and yet challenging to its team members by ensuring that we would be known for offering exquisite skills and expertise for our customers.

We’re a small team of infinite learners, engineers, designers, managers that agree on a set of values that drive us on work and life.

We believe in trust and accountability.

We practice transparency and provide access to information and we expect your opinion and engagement for important decision making.

We are organized by Areas of Responsibility and have Direct Responsible Individuals with goals and key results for every quarter. Every week, month and quarter we have different moments to fine tune our alignment, provide feedback and discuss future goals.

Despite we have been bootstrapping the business, we are profitable and steady.

In the future, we expect to grow our operations internationally and become known by the quality of our portfolio, the way we manage ourselves and build our company, but also, for giving back to the communities, fostering talent and inspiring other entrepreneurs.

Some of our Perks

There are many reasons to join us:

  1. We are a remote-first company, giving you the freedom to work where you want.

  2. We believe in and foster autonomy: "with great power comes great responsibility".

  3. You'll get unlimited vacations. Take the days off you need.

  4. Health insurance is provided.

  5. Budget for healthcare services, gym, events, technical books, and more.